Clearport USA participates in St. Luke's EXAMINATION Series

By: The Clearport Team

Clearport USA is thrilled to announce that our CEO, William Maidla, was invited to participate in the esteemed St. Luke's Health EXAMINATION series.

This influential video series is dedicated to exploring crucial issues related to healthcare equity in Houston and the wider United States. Mr. Maidla's involvement in Episode 9, titled "Workforce Challenges," emphasizes our dedication to connecting international registered nurses with healthcare employers in the United States while tackling the urgent challenges faced by the healthcare industry.

Understanding The Episode: Workforce Challenges


St. Luke’s Health, 2023. “EXAMINATION Series Tittle Card”, from: Examination Series ep.9: Workforce Challenges

Episode 9, titled "Workforce Challenges," provides in-depth insights into the multifaceted workforce challenges within the healthcare sector. It specifically focuses on the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital staff, highlighting the vital role played by foreign-born healthcare workers in sustaining the healthcare economy during crises and beyond. Additionally, the episode explores proactive measures that hospital systems can adopt to retain existing staff members and attract new talent.

Mr. Maidla's Contribution


St. Luke’s Health, 2023. “Clearport USA’s CEO William Maidla discusses immigration and healthcare”, from: Examination Series ep.9: Workforce Challenges

During his participation in the series, Clearport USA’s CEO, William Maidla shared invaluable insights into the current state of the healthcare workforce in the United States. He addressed the stress, early retirements, and burnouts that led to the departure of over a hundred thousand registered nurses from the workforce in recent years. Mr. Maidla passionately discussed the increased demand for foreign-born healthcare workers and their crucial contribution in filling workforce gaps created by the pandemic.

A pivotal takeaway from Mr. Maidla's speech was the vital role of immigration processes in enabling foreign healthcare workers to effectively contribute to the U.S. healthcare system. He underscored the necessity for the government to be supportive and accommodating, especially towards these healthcare workers, who are essential to the nation’s future success. Mr. Maidla applauded the dedication and resilience of these professionals, highlighting their rigorous academic backgrounds and the challenges they overcome to serve in the U.S. healthcare sector.

Supporting Healthcare Workers and the U.S. Economy

Clearport USA acknowledges the honor of our CEO's participation in the St. Luke’s Health EXAMINATION series. This collaboration provided a platform to address crucial issues concerning the healthcare workforce. Through his expertise, Mr. Maidla not only shed light on the challenges but also advocated for supportive policies and environments that will empower the healthcare industry to prosper.

At Clearport USA, we are unwavering in our commitment to facilitating connections between international registered nurses and healthcare employers in the United States. We recognize the importance of a skilled and compassionate healthcare workforce, and we are devoted to supporting initiatives that address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals.

We express our gratitude to St. Luke’s Health for this opportunity and eagerly anticipate continuing our efforts to ensure a robust healthcare workforce for the future.


Watch the complete episode, including Mr. Maidla’s contribution, here:


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